Letter from the Principal

Who would have thought a visit to New Zealand would bring about such adventures in Alberta?  In 2017, a three-week vacation, which included endless brewery stops and tours, began the discussion of bringing the laid-back atmosphere, combined with great craft beer, to our small village of Rosalind.  But where in town would we set up such an establishment?  Two months later, the Rosalind School, which permanently closed in 2013, went up for tender….and thus began the start of Detention Brewing Co.  Many great stories and memories have originated in this building and we hope the brewery provides a place to sit back, enjoy a cold one and reminisce about times spent growing up with good friends and school memories.  So, we raise our pints to those who walked the hallways in search of great academic achievements and, as well, to those who sat silently in detention writing lines and cleaning chalk board brushes serving their sentences proudly.


Honour Roll

Join us at Detention Brewing Co as we salute the agricultural sector of Alberta and those associated industries.  Those who spend long hours in the field producing some of the worlds best malt barley, wheat, oats and hops.  We thank you for your efforts and time.  Without you, our beer would not have the unique and refreshing flavor that it does.  Cheers!